Monday, February 27, 2012

The final “roar” of winter in Clark County?

This may be the final blast of winter weather we will see here in Clark County. We are expecting wintery weather to arrive Tuesday, 28 February, in the afternoon. Of course, just in time for the evening commute (4pm till 8pm). The impact of this weather system will last through Wednesday. Snow accumulations in eastern Clark County could be one to four inches at or above 500 feet. Camas and Washougal could see some dusting of snow. On the valley floor, we will see snowflakes but most likely the snow will not stick. Winds will be 15 – 25 mph gusting to 35 mph, initially out of the east then changing to out of the south. Temperature early tomorrow morning may be in the twenties, turning to 30F – 35F during the day and when the weather system arrives in the afternoon.

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Annette said...

Thanks for the heads up!