Thursday, December 8, 2011

CRESA Leading Hazard Mitigation Planning Updates

The purpose of hazard mitigation planning is to provide strategies for creating a resilient and sustainable community by addressing the hazard vulnerabilities prone to strike Clark County. Disasters exact a heavy toll o communities when they occur, destroying life, property, crucial infrastructure, harming natural systems and disrupting local economies sometimes permanently. This plan will help prevent lives, homes and businesses from being damaged by disaster and help return to normal after the chaos of a disaster.

CRESA is leading the Hazard Mitigation planning effort for the Clark County area to update the expired 2004-2009 plan. The Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee consists of representatives from CRESA, County departments, local business, the educational service district and Vancouver Fire. There will be several benefits as this process unfolds:

  • Clark County will be eligible for an addition 15% post-disaster FEMA reimbursement above the normal 75% to total 90% FEMA reimbursement.

  • Clark County will qualify for currently untapped Hazard Mitigation Assistance federal grant funds for Hazard Mitigation construction projects tied to the plan goals, objectives, strategies and mitigation action plan.

  • Public involvement in Hazard Mitigation planning during the plan review process.

  • Utilize existing plans and programs to eliminate duplication of planning efforts and foster collaboration between County departments, CRESA, subject matter experts and the general public.

  • Reassess the plan in light of a disaster occurrence, such as an earthquake or major flood, convening within 15 days as appropriate.

If you are interested in more information on Hazard Mitigation planning view CRESA's emergency plans page here. Included on this page is the project plan, Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee contact list (included in the project plan), kickoff meeting minutes from 12/01/2011 and the expired 2004 plan.

If you want more information about the public involvement in this process, feel free to contact the project manager Scott Clemetson with CRESA Emergency Management at 360-992-6289 or email

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