Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stormy Weather is on the Way! Time to Remove Your Leaves.

Creative Commons via WSDOT on FlicKr

The National Weather Service has released a "Special Weather Statement" today that shared information about two upcoming storms which will arrive to the northwest, and specifically SW Washington on both Monday & Tuesday of this next week.

If everything falls together as the National Weather Service predicts, there is the potential for very gusty winds and heavy precipitation, particularly on Tuesday.  If the front stalls over the area on Wednesday, we could see some flooding advisories issued for our rivers & streams.

Since this system is a couple of days away, there is still a fair amount of uncertainty in the weather predictions, so we will update you as the impacts become more clear and additional advisories are issued.

What is known right now?  Leaves have fallen all over SW Washington and in any windy situation, leaves get into storm drains will clog them which can result in very significant high water and localized flooding.  If you have trees that have shed their leaves, consider doing your part to bag them up or remove them so they don't cause problems for your neighbors with these coming storms.

And if you weren't aware, there is a FREE COUPON available for leaf disposal in Vancouver and Clark County which can be obtained by clicking on this link here!

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