Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Great Shake Out 10:20 on 10/20

On October 20 at 10:20 am, we are joining in with thousands of others across the nation to participate in a great earthquake drill. Will you take five minutes to practice being safe and surviving an earthquake with us?

Here is the deal. It might be silly to wait until the actual dance before you learn to dance. You need to practice some at home, work or school before (not at) the big event. The same is true for preparing for earthquakes. Muscle memory is so important during times of stress. If the ground starts shaking from an earthquake, you need to Drop-Cover-Hold On. Drop down under a desk or table, hold on with your dominant hand, bend over if possible and cover the back of your head with your other hand. See the link to view a video (only 2.36 minutes) on how to perform Duck, Cover and Hold On.

Here are additional resources to learn about earthquake hazards in Washington State and earthquake preparedness tips from Washington State Emergency Management Division. Additionally, our partners in California formed the Earthquake Country Alliance, the sponsors of the Great Shake Out campaign.

So you can't do this at 10:20 am tomorrow? Pick another date and time in the near future and make that your time to practice Drop-Cover-Hold On!

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