Friday, June 3, 2011

Roll on, Columbia, roll on …

It seems that this weekend – finally – temperatures will climb to what is to be expected for the month of June. Therefore, where there is still snow in the mountains it will melt even faster than in the past weeks.

This will increase the water levels in all those creeks and rivers in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia that “feed” our mighty Columbia River whose water levels will continue to fluctuate in the 17 to 18 ft range above flood stage here in Vancouver.

The Flood Warning issued by the National Weather Service remains in effect – click here for updated information We have been watching this fluctuating water level all week long and the forecasters tell us that it will continue in that range over this weekend.  Find forecasted river levels at

The increasing temperatures will also make many of us want to play in or near the water again. Help us spread the word that all rivers, including the Columbia, are especially dangerous right now.  The water will remain very, very cold and within minutes anyone in it could be incapacitated. The currents are very swift with treacherous, unanticipated undercurrents and they contain dangerous debris that may even be submerged.

Please remember, Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) – “Life Preservers” – save lives.

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