Thursday, March 24, 2011

#140 Conference: Frequently Asked Questions

Yesterday, we released our March 2011 Quarterly Newsletter which announced a very exciting event coming to the Hilton in Vancouver, Washington called the #140 Character Conference NW.

Who Should Attend?  
Anyone who is interested in how social media is changing the way we do business.  This #140 Conference is aimed at the public sector and the many partners (both public and private) that are affected by social media.

What Makes This Conference Unique?
You will see very fast-paced 5 or 10 minute individual or 20 minute panel presentations.  PowerPoint presentations are STRONGLY discouraged.  This will involve dynamic storytelling about how social media is affecting our world TODAY in many numerous ways.  The intent is to open our minds to the exciting possibilities that perhaps we have not considered previously.

This conference is also LIVE-STREAMED out over the internet.  This means, if you only have 5 or 10 minutes to participate, you can watch from your desk or anywhere you have an internet connection. 

When Is This Conference?
Thursday, May 19th, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The registration tickets have been split into two sessions of 8a-12p and 1p-5p and this is so we can get a better sense of folks who may only attend for part of the day.  We want to ensure a broad access to the event throughout the Pacific Northwest.

What Does It Cost to Attend?
It is FREE to attend this conference, but you WILL need a ticket to attend this event.

We are also suggesting the donation of a lap-sized stuffed animal, bag of aquarium rock or cash donation to The Children's Center which provides mental health services to the children in our community.  The animals are stuffed with the aquarium rock to create "Heavy Helpers" which children hold to calm their nerves during their therapy sessions.  Volunteers from the Children's Center will be on-hand to collect all donations. 

What If I Am Visiting from Out of Town?
The conference hotel, Vancouver Hilton, has agreed to provide free parking or airport transfers to those who stay on-site during their stay.  Also, the GSA hotel rate has been secured for attendees.  Click through THIS LINK to make your hotel reservation.   

The closest airport to Vancouver, Washington is the Portland International Airport (PDX).

How Can I Support This Conference?

There is still time to apply to be a speaker.  Applications are accepted until March 31, 2011.  Click through THIS LINK to apply to be a speaker.

Be a sponsor and/or exhibitor at the Hilton.  Basic funding for this event has been acquired through a special grant.  However, additional technical and event enhancements have been identified that would really make this event even more phenomenal.  In exchange, we have the opportunity to share your business logo both on-site and over the event video-streaming to a significant audience.  Contact John Wallace at for more information on these opportunities.

We also encourage folks across the nation and world to host viewing parties.  If you want to open up a large conference room and invite people to drop in and watch the event, this is a great way to share the event in your local community.  We plan to create a webpage as part of to highlight the satellite viewing parties.  Please email Cheryl Bledsoe at if you want to be listed on this page.

How Do I Register For This Conference?  
There are three easy ways provided here because of the various ways people access our blog.

1) Use the button below that says CLICK AND REGISTER, or
2)  Fill out the form beneath it directly,
3)  Share the website with others which is

Register for #140 Conference NW - May 19, 2011 in Vancouver, WA  on Eventbrite

What if I Have Any Other Questions?
Please contact Cheryl Bledsoe at if you have any questions about this event.  We look forward to sharing this event with both our community in the Northwest and around the world.  

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