Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Peace of Mind

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Are you still struggling to find that unique and creative gift for the special people in your life?  How about engaging them in developing your family emergency plan?

Just in time for today's theme, Noah's Ark & Company, has launched an online preparedness planning tool called "COPP" which stands for Customized Online Preparedness Plan.  The goal of this non-profit organization is to increase preparedness among our communities. You can access COPP at

Or, if you just want to print a paper form and work on your family preparedness plan, CRESA offers an easily downloadable plan on our website at:

While CRESA strongly encourages the creation of family emergency plans, CRESA is not affiliated with the COPP program in any way and shares this only as an optional, available resource that has been shared with us.  As with any internet-based site, please use due diligence in your online information-sharing.

If you haven't considered out-of-state contact points, family relocation points, and ensuring easy access to your family's needs, remember it is easier to plan today than in the middle of a crisis.  Peace of mind is a wonderful gift especially for those who depend on you.

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