Monday, November 22, 2010

Twitter Accounts

Over the past 2 years, CRESA has used the @CRESA Twitter identity to repost information that is located both here and on our Facebook Fan Page.

In recent months, however, we have recognized the importance of being able to talk directly with folks on Twitter, but have always be somewhat reluctant to do so from the @CRESA Account because we know that some folks have set their Twitter accounts to receive our alerts via Text Messaging. 
As we have kept a watchful eye on other emergency services agencies on Twitter, we noticed how the Los Angeles Fire Department handled this by using two twitter accounts.  @LAFD shares emergency-based incident information and @LAFDTalk is the account they use to communicate and reply to incoming inquiries. 

Starting today, we will begin using @CRESATalk as our account to share preparedness-based information and engage with people on Twitter. 

Our @CRESA account will be used to share hazard & incident response information only.  This mean if you set this account up for text messaging by texting FOLLOW CRESA to 40404, you will only receive incident-based information. 

When we conduct preparedness games or other fun events, all non-incident twitter information will be shared over the @CRESATalk account.  All tweets shared over @CRESA will also be posted to @CRESATalk.

The choice is yours on how much information you'd like to receive from our agency if you are following us on Twitter. 

If you have never used Twitter before, here is an easy brochure to help you understand it and get started.     

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