Friday, October 8, 2010

We're All Right: A Story from Chile

Recently, we received the following story from our Emergency Management partners at Multnomah County Emergency Management:

In August, 2009, Portland resident Kate Raphael moved to Santiago, Chile with her husband and three children. They were seeking adventure and the experience of living abroad for one year. They got more than they bargained for.

On February 27, 2010, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake -- the seventh largest in recorded history -- struck central Chile. The earthquake was immediately followed by two tsunamis that wiped out hundreds of miles of coastline and fishing villages. The family was vacationing at the coast at the time, and fled to higher ground. 

The Raphaels learned important lessons through their experience in the earthquake, including how to be prepared for the next one and how every person can play a valuable role in complicated recovery efforts. If disaster does strike closer to home, their hope is that their own community will be able to provide support as passionately and effectively as they witnessed in Chile.

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