Monday, August 23, 2010

Final Hilltop Fire Media Release

Here is the latest update on the Hilltop Fire in the Hockinson Area from the Department of Natural Resources Press Release on 8/22/10 at 5:30 p.m.

Firefighting crews were back on the hill today, continuing the process of mopping up the burn area. This will be the last shift of work for most of the resources assigned to the Hilltop fire.

Those that are leaving will be returning to their home units to prepare, recoup and be ready for the next incident. “These men and women did a fantastic job”, said Deputy Incident Commander Stan Jacobson. “I can’t say enough about their work ethic and professionalism.”

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Type 3 Incident Management Team assigned to the Hilltop fire will transition the fire back to the local jurisdiction officially tomorrow morning. The fire is not totally contained, and there are still a few hot spots within the burn that may continue to smolder for some time. “We will have crews working this area for a few weeks yet”, said Tom North, DNR Wildland Fire Unit Forester. “We will keep a close eye on things here, and work with our crews to put a lid on this fire.”

“This has really been a team effort with many agencies working together”, said Incident Commander Andy Aschenbrenner. “Several agencies pitched in and worked together on short notice and under tight time constraints; and the cooperation of everyone truly aided in the suppression efforts of this fire. Thank you all.”

“I would like to thank the media for cooperating with me on this incident, and helping to educate the public to the dangers and efforts involved with fighting wildfires; thank you”, Seth Barnes, Public Information Officer, DNR.

This will be our last media release from the DNR Type 3 Incident Management Team Assigned to the Hilltop Fire.  Public can continue to call our posted message line at (360) 448-6494 to receive updates on the progress of the suppression efforts.

Fire Quick Facts
Location:  Approximately 10 miles east of Hockinson, WA between the DNR 1500 and 1520 roads.

Start Date:  August 14, 2010
Cause:  Undetermined
Approximate Size:  110 acres
Containment: 74%
Assigned Resources:  3 water Tenders, 6 engines, 2 Larch Mt and 2 Cedar Creek Honor Camp Fire Crews, DNR Highlands Crew, DNR Ahtanum Crew, DNR North Columbia/ Arcadia Crew
Total Personnel:  Approximately 147
Landowner:  Private and DNR
Restrictions:  In the immediate fire area. Temporary Flight Restriction of 5 miles and 7,000 feet.

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