Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Like the Rain, Flood Insurance Premiums Fall in Clark County!

As the rain continues to pound our area locally, there is some news in the world of emergency preparedness this month that we'd like to share with you.

First of all, we can be very thankful that we have not experienced flooding like occurred in Tennessee.  The following video was shared with our office yesterday from YouTube:

Our hearts go out to our fellow Americans in Tennessee who are still recovering from this very significant flooding disaster. 

It does underscore, however, the importance of the following "good news" for those of us here in Clark County.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has increased Clark County's Flood Rating to a Class 5 which means that folks who buy flood insurance should now see a 25% decrease on their flood insurance premiums.  Clark County had previously been rated in Class 7 which only provided a 15% discount.

It is important to know that flood insurance is a separate policy and is not included in your regular homeowner's policy.  For more information on how to prepare for flooding, check out this helpful Flood Protection Information that was developed by Clark County. 

At a recent conference CRESA attended, one of the speakers said "If you KNEW that the MAXIMUM amount of federal assistance available to you following a disaster was $29,900, would it make a difference in how you prepare?"  This is the amount that people might qualify for, presuming they meet all of the qualifying criteria post-disaster.  For most homeowners, the available funds will not even approach the total need following a catastrophic disaster.     

So, as you find yourselves in the rain today, consider how protected you are from any future flooding conditions.  You might realize that a conversation may be in order with your local insurance agent.

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