Friday, February 26, 2010

Look Around....What Could Fall on You?

All too often, we hear reports of significant earthquakes happening around the world.  In January, we saw the devastating effects of a large earthquake in Haiti and even as I write this today, Japan is reporting an earthquake that is registering over 7.0 in magnitude. 

In reading about earthquake risk, it is interesting to note that most injuries and fatalities occur by the falling of objects that surround an individual which is why we ask "what could fall on you?" 

Take a minute right now to look around where you are as you read this.

Do you have objects near you that......
  • Are loosely attached to walls?
  • Could come flying out of cupboards or shelves?
  • Could tip over and create a blocking hazard (bookcases near doorways are notorious for this)?
  • Are fragile enough that shaking would damage them beyond repair (like electronic items)?
If you find some items around that you need some securing, check out the Earthquake Prevention page on the Washington State Emergency Management website.  There are pictures AND videos to help you in figuring out how to make your home more secure.   

Remember that an ounce of prevention today could literally save you from a object-hitting headache tomorrow!

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