Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Clark County deploys crews in response to afternoon snow

Vancouver, WA – Clark County has snowplow crews out in all six of its maintenance districts following the arrival of steady snow this afternoon.

The county already had applied salt brine deicer to reduce the accumulation of snow and ice before snow started falling shortly after 2 p.m.

The storm isn’t expected to cause significant accumulation at lower elevations. The National Weather Service predicts the snow will taper off or turn to rain later this evening.

Nevertheless, Clark County had crews out plowing by mid-afternoon. The county will call in more workers and deploy as many as 40 trucks prepped with plows, chains and sanding gravel should conditions worsen and require a higher level of winter response.

“When it comes to snow and ice, we would rather be safe than sorry,” said Greg Shafer, Public Works Operations Manager.

For more information on the county’s winter weather plans, go to: www.clark.wa.gov/public-works/engineering/winter.html. The Web site offers answers to common questions about snow and ice removal, snowplows and deicers, as well as a snow route map indicating which roads receive priority during winter storms.

The site provides a place for county residents to get the latest news about road conditions, garbage collection delays and other information, along with Web links for monitoring travel conditions in other parts of the Northwest.

You can also use the Web site to sign up to receive news alerts from the county about road closures and other developments during winter storms.

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