Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Presidental Disaster Declaration

Late yesterday afternoon, President Barack Obama signed a disaster declaration for 33 counties within the State of Washington related to the storms which occurred in mid-to-late December 2008.

This disaster declaration will make public assistance funds available to governments and public sector agencies who were significantly affected by the storms. Clark County was included in this declaration due to the landslide impacts near Buncombe Hollow Road in the northern part of Clark County.

Governor Gregoire released a statement yesterday as well regarding this news.

Clark County was not included in the "snow remediation" measures because recorded snowfall within Clark County was only the 4th highest on record. To qualify for a "snow disaster," a jurisdiction must illustrate record snowfall for a 48-hour period.

So, while it was certainly one of the most memorable snow events in the past 40 years, it wasn't the worst on record!

CRESA will be contacting involved agencies regarding the necessary follow-up needed for this presidential declaration. Unfortunately, this declaration does not provide any level of individual assistance for homeowners affected by these storms.

Agriculture Losses should be reported to the Farm Service Agency in Brush Prairie.

Retail & Business Owners can contact the Small Business Administration at 1-800-659-2955 regarding business losses.

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