Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reporting Farm Losses due to the Winter Storm

Farmers suffering damage to their farms and production losses due to the storm need to report the damage and losses to their local USDA Farm Service Agency offices.

The local Farm Service Agency in each county rolls up the information and reports it to the Washington USDA-Farm Service Agency office in Spokane. They compile the information and assist the Director of the Washington USDA office in asking the Governor to request a USDA Secretarial Agriculture Disaster Declaration.

Even though a Presidential Disaster Declaration may not be warranted, a USDA Secretarial Agriculture Disaster Declaration may be declared. The reports of damage and losses from the farmers are vital in making that determination. If no damage or losses are reported, USDA Disaster Assistance may not be made available.

In Clark County, please contact our local Farm Service Center Office at:

11104 NE 149TH ST BLDG C
BRUSH PRAIRIE, WA 98606-9565
(360) 883-1987
(360) 885-2284 Fax

Mailing Address:
11104 NE 149TH ST BLDG C STE 500
BRUSH PRAIRIE, WA 98606-9401

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