Sunday, December 21, 2008

City of Vancouver Urges Residents to Stay Safe and Off Streets

A thick glaze of ice covers snow-socked side streets throughout Vancouver, but essential routes serving police, fire and medical services remain open.

Vancouver Public Works recommends residents stay safe and off the roads, avoiding unnecessary travel if at all possible in these slick and icy conditions. For those who must drive, chains or traction tires are highly recommended. They should go slow and stay a safe distance from snow plows and other equipment, giving them ample room to safely do their job.

In the event of snow, Vancouver crews clear streets as quickly as conditions and resources allow, concentrating on the city's top priority – the transportation network serving hospitals, police and fire stations. In severe winter conditions, priority route clearing is a process that repeats itself again and again. That constant battle allows no time or resources to clear residential streets.

In very snowy events, such as being experienced now, it can also cause plowed snow to bank streets in some areas, making it difficult for pedestrians to traverse.

Property owners are responsible for keeping adjacent sidewalks free from snow and ice under Vancouver Municipal Code. Homeowners and businesses on corners are asked to please help provide a safe passage from the sidewalk to the street. In all cases, please pile snow from sidewalk or driveways in yards, not in the street where it could impede vehicle travel.

Those who can are urged to lend a helping hand to elderly or disabled neighbors, clearing sidewalks, preventing plumbing problems and helping ensure their safety during inclement weather.

To report a problem with City of Vancouver streets or water, please call Public Works Operations at 360-696-8177. In case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

For more City of Vancouver information, please visit The following online resources are also available to help answer questions and submit requests related to streets, water, garbage collections and more: With icy conditions, power lines and downed trees can also become a concern. To report power outages, please contact Clark Public Utilities' PowerLine at (360) 992-8000.

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