Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuning in to Emergency Alerts

Many people are familiar with the Emergency Alert System which provides emergency information on our NOAA Weather Radios or crawls across a television screen after some tell-tale tones.

But did you know that there are a number of other "alerts" that you can receive to plug-in to available information within our local community?

Locally, within the Portland metropolitan area, Flash Alert is a way to have press releases (both emergency and non-emergency) sent directly to your email or pager. Flash Alert provides information about local school closures, criminal activity and a number of general news items that may be of interest to you. Simply sign-up for this service and tune into news that is pertinent to you!

Another way to receive information, particularly health and weather alerts, is through Emergency Email. You can designate what counties you'd like to receive reports from and when something occurs in our local area or is of national interest, you'll receive an email.

Finally, one of my favorites which should be saved as a "favorite link" on any emergency responder's list of regularly visited sites, check out this real-time emergency map of all of the hazards and disasters underway throughout the world.

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